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Virtual Substance Abuse Assessment for Municipal Court Offenders (vSAAMCO)


ASAM Level of Care .5

4 Hour Program - available now!!!


  • Call for cost information at 740-589-3680. Major credit cards, money order or cash are all accepted and payments are non-refundable.

  • Register in person at Health Recovery Services, 224 Columbus Rd., Athens, Ohio 45701or by phone 740-589-3680



  • An on line, 4 hour, evidence-based, alcohol/drug education group intervention for participants, not previously arrested, who are charged for the first time with an alcohol and/or drug related misdemeanor

  • Designed to challenge participants to examine their current attitudes, beliefs and behaviors concerning alcohol, marijuana and other drug use

  • Focused on developing the elements of harm reduction, relapse prevention and refusal skill strategies

  • Creates a plan for maintaining abstinence from substance use

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