Southern Ohio Treatment Center

Southeastern Ohio Treatment Center serves adults who are exhibiting behavior related to the use of substances that has resulted in a significant impact on their daily functioning.  This location also offers screening for Medication Assisted Treatment which may include Suboxone, Vivitrol, and Methadone treatment.  All referrals for Medication Assisted Treatment must comply with strict treatment requirements which may include individual and group counseling, case management services, employment services, urine drug screening, etc.

Health Recovery Services, Inc. is organized to provide adolescents, seniors, and families well designed, clinically appropriate levels of behavioral healthcare in cost effective residential and outpatient environments.  The commitment to serve those suffering from mental illness and chemical dependency stems from a core belief system that all persons, regardless of financial status, are deserving of quality prevention, intervention, and treatment services.  This philosophy of quality behavioral health care is expressed by the Agency’s commitment to meet the needs of all clients without regard to race, age, creed, ethnicity, sex, color, national origin, marital status, sexual orientation, religion, lifestyle, physical or mental handicap, HIV infection, AIDS-related complex or AIDS.  Health Recovery Services, Inc. values consumer input.  Clients are encouraged to meet their financial obligation for services under a sliding fee scale so that the limited community resources can be stretched to serve as many less fortunate consumers as possible.

Program Information

Rachel Wheatley PCC-S, LICDC-CS, Clinical Supervisor

120 Twin Oaks Drive, Suites C/D, 

Jackson, OH  45640

Phone: (740) 577-3450

Available Services:


Purpose:  It is the first stage of intervention with persons whose substance use has a negative impact on his or her life. A comprehensive appraisal of the individual's alcohol or drug problem, and how it affects his or her health and functioning, is vital for selecting treatment resources that best meet his or her needs. Assessment includes a determination of many factors, including the severity of the problem, possible influences that have perpetuated chemical use, culminating in addiction, and related difficulties; and the individual's perceptions of and attitude toward treatment.


Individual, Group, and Wrap-Around Counseling

Purpose:  Provide chemical dependency counseling to increase understanding and responsibility surrounding behavioral choices related to substance abuse. 


Case Management             

Purpose:  Assist individuals with utilizing strengths and resources to acquire necessary skills and services to increase independence.


Educational and Skill Building Groups

Purpose:  Provide education and training in symptom management techniques and healthy ways to deal with life conflicts and risks to relapse for sobriety maintenance.


On-Site Alcohol/Drug Testing

Health Recovery Services, Inc. holds a contract with a nationally recognized laboratory to conduct the laboratory testing for substances.  The results will hold up in a court of law assuming that the “chain-of-custody” is intact when the sample arrives at the lab.


Information and Referral

Purpose:  To provide information or to refer individuals, families, or communities to agencies that can help with issues such as mental health counseling, education, employment, family services, legal services, government agencies and more.


MAT—Medication Assisted Treatment

This location of Health Recovery Services provides medication assisted treatment to individuals who meet requirements during assessment.  This location utilizes research based practices to treat various forms of addiction.  Under the direction of a qualified Medical Director, HRS staff can provide quality, research supported treatment options to consumers with various, individualized needs.  Upon contacting HRS for a comprehensive assessment and evaluation, some consumers will be referred for Medication Assisted Treatment, in addition to receiving counseling, case management, and other treatment services. 

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