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Bassett House

Bassett House, certified by the Ohio Department of Mental

Health and Addiction Services and accredited by the

Commission on Accreditation of Residential Facilities (CARF),

is acclaimed statewide as a leader in the intensive

residential treatment of adolescent addiction.


We are located on the winding, country roads of Athens, Ohio. The rural setting gives the adolescent the experience of "getting away from it all." Bassett House treats addiction as a disease from which young people, 13 to 18 years of age, can recover with the support of strengths-based, family-focused therapeutic intervention. Groups that the adolescents attend daily cover many different areas that will provide them with a wide variety of skills needed to improve their ability to be successful in their recovery environment. We strive to help connect the youth with their families as well as other support systems in their recovery environment.

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Bassett House Location

Program Information

Program Overview

  • Bassett House is an unlocked facility. Our staff is trained in the TACT-2 Professional Crisis Intervention Training in order to create a safe and therapeutic environment for our youth.

  • Our program provides a structured framework that is rooted in both motivational interviewing as well as cognitive behavioral therapy. We also incorporate tenets of Trauma-Informed Care. This creates an empowering, consumer-centered atmosphere. Youth are actively involved in the goal setting process that leads to the creation of their treatment goals.

  • By using a Bio-Psychosocial Model of addiction therapy, we recognize the need to provide a full continuum of integrated care from residential treatment to community based services. We look at the consumer and their environment as a whole, and not just their drug use.

  • We also provide consumers information on twelve-step fellowships to support the treatment process as well as providing them information on meetings in their local communities.

  • Bassett House provides an on-campus school program that is designed to meet the educational needs of the youth during their stay. Support and guidance is provided by the Alexander School District and Athens Educational Service Center. Our Education Staff members work closely with the youth's home school to continue their curriculum or work towards obtaining their GED.

  • A case review is held with referral agents and other involved in the adolescent treatment and aftercare. Continuing care after completion of the residential program is an important component of discharge planning as well as providing the youth the support they need to be successful. Using input gained from the youth, parents and referral agents, and our staff work to ensure that the aftercare plan is realistic and workable for the youth and the family.

  • Bassett House will keep referral agencies involved while the consumer is in treatment. The youth's progress is reviewed with the referral sources on a consistent basis; through phone communication with the youth's counselor and case manager.

  • We work to be holistic in our approach by offering crochet, gardening and art activities that are incorporated into our program. We also routinely plan sober activities for the consumers such as park days, going to the pool and holiday celebrations.

  • In 2010, our staff developed a Solution Focused IV Recovery Track (SIRT) to address the growing opiate epicemic as well as meet the needs specific to recovery from intravenous opiate use.


An interdisciplinary team approach to treatment is continuously used during the adolescent's stay at Bassett House. The Treatment team includes Professional Counselors, Licensed Social Workers, Chemical Dependency Counselors, case managers, state certified teachers, full medical staff, psychiatrist and a specially trained group life staff who are credentialed through the Ohio Chemical Dependency Professionals Board.

Group Counseling is the cornerstone of our therapeutic environment. Groups are held daily and individual sessions are held two to three times a week. Family counseling is also offered during treatment. Referrals can also be made to community support groups. Parents are urged to participate in their child's recovery program to facilitate the transition back home after the treatment stay.


Aftercare is the bridge to continued sobriety. Bassett House takes this responsibility of networking and referral very seriously. Each aftercare plan is designed with the input from the client, parent and referral agent. This insures that the plan is realistic and workable. The twelve step fellowships (AA and NA), as well as community based programs and services, are major components of these plans.


Clients are accepted without regard to race, religion or national origin. Admissions can be arranged by family members or through referral by calling TOLL FREE in Ohio 1-800-645-8287 or 1-740-594-8108, intake extension 1220 or 1246. Prospective clients, ages 13 to 17, should be experiencing severe alcohol and drug problems due to their use and be willing to evaluate the seriousness of the abuse. We do accept 18 year olds that are court ordered to Bassett House for treatment. All inquiries are confidential. Intake staff will facilitate the process for parents and/or referring agents in a sensitive and confidential manner.

Clients can download the Basset House Pre Admission packet below.

Please complete the packet as thoroughly as possible on the youth (ages 13 - 18) you wish to refer.

Print, complete, then mail, email or fax to:

Bassett House Admissions

P.O. Box 724

Athens, OH  45701

Fax:  740-592-2683


Linda Rust, MSW, LISW-S, LICDC-CS, Program Director

P.O. Box 724

Athens, Ohio

Phone: (740)594-8108    

Fax: (740)592-2683

ASAM Level of Care 3.1 - 3.7

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