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Applications for TI Camp will be available January 2018​

2011 Exemplary Prevention Award Winner - Teen Institute/Youth Leadership Academy


Teen Institute is a Youth Led Club for students who are drug free to come together and learn how to become great role models, have fun and participate in community events. These students dedicate their time and energy into creating a safe substance free environment for themselves and for other students to enjoy. There are active T.I. clubs in some of the middle and high schools in the area. T.I. also hosts an annual camp in April that is three days long and allows participating students to network with other students and leaders, learn new leadership skills, expand their knowledge and of course have fun together. If you are interested in having T.I. in your school and do not have a T.I. group yet please contact our office at (740)589-3680.

Frequently Asked Questions about School Programs:


  • What is Teen Institute (T.I.)?  

    • T.I. is a program for the promotion of healthy lifestyles and the prevention of alcohol, tobacco, and other drug abuse.

  • Who is T.I. for? 

    • Anyone in 6th-12th grade can join

  • Why should I join?  

    • Because joining T.I. means having an incredible amount of fun, feeling good about yourself, and enjoying life without alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs.

  • When is T.I?  

    • T.I. is held every other week at your school. Ask your school for specific information.

  • How do I join? 

    • Contact Health Recovery Services at (740)589-3680


Frequently Asked Questions about T.I. Camp:


  • Where can I get my Application?

    • Applications are provided during the T.I. meetings at schools or by downloading from the link below:


2018 TI Camp Application


  • Where do I send my Application and is there a due date?  

    • Applications for TI Camp will be available January 2018


Please send your application and the deposit to:  

Health Recovery Services, Inc.,

224 Columbus Rd, 

P.O. Box 724

Athens, OH 45701


** Scholarships are available to eligible participants. A $10 deposit is required **


How do I get involved with planning camp:


If you are a student who has participated in at least one T.I. Camp and are in at least 10th grade then you can apply to be a part of the Youth Coalition which helps to plan and coordinate camp, as well as acts as Youth Staff.


If you are a student who has participated in at least one T.I. Camp and have already graduated high school then you can apply to the Youth Coalition Internship Program. This program has the all of the responsibilities of the Youth Coalition with added responsibilities as well.


Youth Coalition Application

Bullying Prevention

Tips for Teens Against Bullies

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.”- Eleanor Roosevelt 


Let’s first start by recognizing that there is no completely successful guide that will stop bullying. In order to end bullying in schools we need to show empathy towards others and not be bullies ourselves. However, this is a list of steps that you can take if you are having problems being bullied at school that will help to allow you to stay safe and regain your life.

How to immediately deal with a bully



  • ALWAYS tell a trusted adult what is happening. It is imperative that someone know what is going on. If you do not want this adult to step in, tell them and ask for advice on what to do. If you do want the adult to step in, they will know what to do. 

  • If you feel safe, stand up to them. Get calm by counting to five and taking a deep breath, then simply ask them to stop. Bullies have often never been told to stop because they make everyone feel beneath them or scared of them. You may be surprised by the results if you simply have the courage to say “No. I will not give you this power over me.” 

  • If you are dealing with a long-term bully, continue to be kind to them. Recognize that while the bully is hurting you, the one thing they may need is for someone to be kind to them. Do not give into their behavior by returning hurtful, demeaning comments. 

  • If you know the bully is going to be at an event that you’re attending, bring a friend who knows what is happening. Bullies are more likely to treat you badly when you are isolated. 

  • If you do not feel safe, walk away and stay away. Tell an adult right away. Do not engage the bully.


  • React physically to your bully

  • Keep it to yourself

  • Skip school or avoid activities out of fear

  • Hurt yourself

How to take back your life after and while being bullied

  1. Find hobbies and activities that make you happy and allow you to feel comfortable with yourself. 

  2. Do not blame yourself for being bullied or apologize for being bullied. It is always the bully’s fault, not the victim’s. 

  3. Recognize that being bullied is something that happened to you. You shouldn’t lock the experience in a box or try to forget about it. In order to move on from what happened you should face the past. Praise yourself for how you handled it, and recognize that on some level the experience changed you and you can be better for it. 

  4. Recognize your strengths and be proud of them. A big part of taking back your life is respecting and loving yourself. 

  5. Cut as many ties as possible with the bully. If you go to school or play sports with the bully you shouldn’t stop doing those things. However, delete the person from your social media accounts, ignore them during the school day, and if possible don’t pair with them during sports practices.

Click below to read more about what families should know about bullying.

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